Islamic Cultural Preservation and Information Council (ICPIC) was founded in 1991, our educational and cultural programming was developed to inform and preserve our rich cultural heritage here in America.


ICPIC's primary purpose is to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Muslim Americans and their legacy to pass on to future generations.

Who we are

We are a coalition of university scholars, educators, multi-disciplinary artist, parents and individuals striving to preserve, protect and elevate our cultural heritage of Islam in America.

True life is a life of cooperation,

community life.

- W.D. Muhammad

What we do

We endeavor to inform and preserve our rich culture and heritage as Muslim Americans. We provide educational and cultural programs .

Giving back

At ICPIC we believe educating our youth is a key step in building a brighter tomorrow for everyone. Join us in achieving this goal


ICPIC hosts community service programs through out the year. These programs include; Youth activities, Homeless feeding programs and aids testing among others.


We have a wide range of positions available. At present, 'Work Study' applications are being accepted as well as Internships for Communications, Office Management and Organizing (Planning & Development). For more information regarding volunteering and Membership information please email us at .

We operate through your unrelenting support. Help us continue the work that we do.

4243 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

11am to 6pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

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